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I’ve been wanting to shake things up since I started blogging FM, to be honest. The formula seems to work; season-by-season accounts of our progress, trying to eke out fortune or make light of failure against the backdrop of an AI-generated narrative. Some of us plod the road most-travelled, putting our own spin on clubs that are very familiar to the rest of us. Others take paths off the beaten track, ending up in far-flung corners of the Football Manager multiverse.

Increasingly, we are seeing save challenges; Glory Hunters, the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge, Legionnaires – all designed to provide a framework for the save and create opportunities for that all-important feature of a Football Manager story; narrative.

We all love a bandwagon, right?

We’re no different here, but still, the desire to do something different nags away. So here it is. And joining me, here he is…in the blue…

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