Como, Northern Lombardy. A city on the Swiss border boasting scenic views of the Alps hanging over Lake Como. Como has undoubtedly been on the rise as one of the most visited cities in Lombardy – as of 2018 it was the third most visited city only behind Milan and Brescia.

A lot of people will visit the city for the fantasy views of the lake and the mountains; others will see it for the religious structures; others for the food and beer. But not many people will visit the city for their football team – Como 1907.

A team that has had its share of controversy and adversity, they certainly look to be back on the straight and narrow following movements in the boardroom, along with investment in the playing staff. 2 bankruptcies, a 3-year ban for their captain back in the early noughties and a chairman that was transferring assets and players from Como to his new team, it has never been an easy ride for the northern side.

Although not one of Italy’s most prestigious football teams, Como is certainly one of the most appealing and ambitious football clubs following their summer announcements.

With Cesc Fàbregas signing with the club as a player for the next two years, it is believed he is one of the final pieces of the jigsaw in taking Como back to the promised lands of Serie A. Thierry Henry, on the other hand, was confirmed as a stakeholder within the club, and the announcement of both legendary figures was enough for the world to sit up and take notice of Como 1907.

Dennis Wise is the president of the club and has been since 2019. During this time, he had been working behind the scenes to give the club proper foundations to thrive upon.

Mirwan basically bought a badge, it was about creating something from the start. That was the important factor for me. Nobody was poking their nose in. I was able to be in charge of the whole thing, oversee and develop it.

Dennis Wise

Initially, the plan was for Wise’s employers to purchase the club and use it as a home for up-and-coming southeastern Asian players. However, the Italian rules in Serie B prohibited the signing of non-EU players. This then led to the appointment of Wise as president to oversee the club operations, and he has made leaps since then, along with a change in vision for the club and a focus on growing the club year-on-year.

Originally, Como’s academy was outsourced, and that was the first thing on the agenda. Wise had to make sure that this was something within their control and something that they could oversee on a day-to-day basis. A brand new training ground had been purchased and renovated for the club, along with taking control of the Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia from the local authorities, with the view to building a new stadium, with the view to retaining the main stand due to its historical importance to the city.

But it is not just the club that Wise is interested in, and these are values shared by the owners. The community is massive to the club, which is something the club values and attempts to involve at every opportunity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wise and Como ensured that support was there for the local hospital with donations; a foundation to support locals was established; funding into cancer treatment research is on the club’s radar; profits made from this year’s kit will be given to local causes, and there will not be a new strip every summer to assist the fans and their finances. The club’s long-term vision is to have every club supplier originate from the Lombardy region by 2025.

Look at Leicester and how the ownership is ingrained in the club, working together with the community. I really like that. We’ve been helping the community since we started. During Covid, we tried to make sure we could help the hospitals provide free testing and stuff like that. That’s how we do business, it’s the ethos of the group: build the community first, be a part of the community and grow together.

If everybody benefits from our business, the sky is the limit.

Mirwan Suwarso – Como Director

Why Como?

So the question begs. Why Como 1907 for the beta save?

Well with the increased demand on me in my current employment, I feel that this is certainly a project that will interest me over the coming months whilst I wait on custom databases for my main save of the 2023 cycle of Football Manager. The ability to carry this save on into the full release – praying for no bugs at the same time – means that I am not rushed to play through this in a short period.

With the new dynamic feature of supporters’ confidence, I feel that this is the save to test this feature and see what it would be like for taking a smaller team into the top flight. My love for Italian football proves to be too much of a lure as this will become my 4th blog based in Italy.

An interesting project. Interesting shareholders. Interesting possibilities. Wise’s goal is to reach the Serie A within three years and correlate it with the opening of the new stadium. I want to make that dream become a reality once again given that 2 decades have passed since this last happened. Suwarso talks about being in the Champions League in the next quarter century; I also want to hear that iconic anthem ring around Como.

Compulsory goals

  • Establish a competitive squad
  • Build for the future
  • Showcase southeastern Asian talent
  • Reach Serie A
  • Survive Serie A

Optional goals

  • Push for the Scudetto
  • Champions League football

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